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The asknao software is specially designed for very young children and children with special needs. Activating choregraphe license the first time you start choregraphe, you will be prompted to enter a valid license key. Choregraphe softwtware for nao robot download for free. Nao stands tall in all points amongst its robotic brethren. Connecting choregraphe your robot connecting choregraphe your robot. Aldebaran released the newest version of their signature product, the nao robot, this june, alongside a new version of their choregraphe software. Robot moves arms into an air guitar position and begins strumming. It is possible to have several nao robots in your simulation. Nao the humanoid and programmable robot softbank robotics. This link gives you access to choregraphe the graphical user interface used to program the nao robot.

With the asknao software, a teacher or autism therapist can control the robot and launch an application using the tablet interface. An audio file of a song can be added to the choregraphe file. Making nao move and speak parallel tasks making nao move and speak. A behavior is a piece of software controlling the robot.

Every robot comes standard with choregraphe, an award winning software that makes it easy to program the robot using a drag and drop interface which simplifies the prog ramming for new and advanced users alike. The nao robot is designed to be a simple and easy to use for young programmers or those with no programming experience, but has powerful extensibility for professional developers. His inertial unit enables him to maintain his balance and to know whether he is standing up or lying down. Nao power v6 educator pack educational robots that are. Choregraphe suite softbank robotics developer center.

Connecting choregraphe to a robot softbank robotics. Introduction at your disposal here, you will find existing materials related to nao workshops. Choregraphe suite installation guide softbank robotics. Its packed with sensors and character and it can walk, dance, speak, and recognize faces and objects. Developing a project for nao using thirdparty software developing a project for nao using thirdparty software. Test them on a simulated robot, or directly on a real one. Most of the movement files are from an older version of the nao robot and choregraphe software, but these movements are compatible with the newer robot models. Choregraphe is a multiplatform desktop application,allowing you to. Platform agnostic, it can be programmed and controlled using linux, windows. We at teq have had some time to explore the changes, and have noted quite a few improvements in both the robots and the software. Learn how to control the nao humanoid robot using an intuitive darg and drop user interface choregraphe or an open sdk and api in. Nao6 downloads windows softbank robotics developer center. Retrieve the choregraphe installer according to the operating system of your computer.

Choregraphe software is free with the purchase of nao. If you want to use a module which is not loaded by default in naoqi, you will have to make it load at the beginning of naoqi. Connecting choregraphe to a robot connecting choregraphe to a robot. This project was developed through the university of notre dame autism f. Choregraphe suite installation guide choregraphe suite installation guide. Choregraphe suite installation aldebaran software 2. You will not be able to download any software except choregraphe trial version. There are two development modes for the robot, choregraphe, which is a visual based development tool and the. Download the free white paper it doesnt matter if you are a software developer or a life sciences researcher, every one can program nao. The nao can be program to walk to any point using the inbuild python programming language instead of using the drag and drop boxes in the choregraphe. This section assumes that the module has been successfully crosscompiled and copied on the robot. If you open the video monitor in choregraphe you should see the picture of the nao camera simulated by webots. Drag and drop the template animation box onto your diagram. Choregraphe elements about the nao academics edition after 3 years of research, aldebaran robotics has developed nao a 58cm biped robot.

Make sure the stiffness is on or click the wake up button. Nao is also used as an assistant by companies and healthcare centers to welcome, inform and entertain visitors. Download our software suite to bring your robot to life with our graphical user interface choregraphe, sdks and naoqi os. Programming nao consists in implementing behaviors. Our robots are fully programmable with a graphical interface, or directly with the software development kit sdk and coding tools. Home software documentation tutorials trainings faq. Fully open and programmable, nao runs on naoqi os, a flexible framework that gives you lots of options for customizing nao your way from a variety of sdks, to visual programming interfaces like blockly and scratch, to choregraphe, our easytouse draganddrop graphical software. Now in its sixth generation, it is used in research, education, and healthcare all over the world. Program incredible applications by creating sequences of predefined behavior boxes or coding your own behaviors for your nao robot. First, set up your nao robot and connect it to a computer with the choregraphe software installed.

Installing software to install aldebaran software, see. Desktop software called choregraphe, runs on your computer allowing creation of new behaviors. This graphical interface software is the key to exploring all of the nao s. Programmable humanoid nao evolution robot software suite.

To launch choregraphe, naoqi and monitor, use the scripts at the root of the archive. Famous around the world, nao is a tremendous programming tool and he has especially become a standard in education and research. The robot also comes with a software suite that includes a graphical programming tool dubbed choregraphe, a simulation software package and a software developers kit. Fully designed and developed by aldebaran, choregraphe is the programming software that lets nao users simply create and edit movements and interactive behaviors. Software suite for programmable humanoid nao evolution robot. The nao robot uses a software specifically designed to program it called choreographe.

Menus, panels and toolbar in a glance menus, panels and toolbar in a glance. Animate and enhance your programmable humanoid nao evolution robot capabilities with the software suite including choregraphe, webots for nao and the. Nao is a small humanoid robot designed to interact with people. Nao is a very powerful robot, packed full of technology but this doesnt mean that nao is difficult to get to grips with. Embedded software called naoqi runs on the motherboard located in the head of the robot allowing autonomous behaviors. The humanoid programmable nao evolution robot has a multiplatform environment and offers powerful programming capacities with low and high level apis, allowing users to create elaborate behaviours by using its features. Nao is the first robot created by softbank robotics. In fact, anyone can easily compose programs via the graphical interface of the choregraphe software which requires you to simply drag and drop the commands in a flowchart style. Once the app is downloaded you can upload it on your robot using choregraphe. Program incredible applications by creating sequences of predefined behavior boxes or coding your own behaviors.

Additionally to choregraphe, if it is not yet installed on your computer, the wizard may suggest to install bonjour, a tool. Nao is furthermore compatible with the microsoft robotics studio, cyberbotics webots, and the gostai studio. Discover the basics of programming and improve your knowledge in specific areas with our documentation. Create animations, behaviors and dialogs, test them on a simulated robot, or directly on a real one, monitor and control your robot, enrich choregraphe behaviors with your own python code. Working with the nao humanoid robot florida gulf coast. Entirely designed and developed by aldebaran robotics, choregraphe is the programming software that lets nao users create and edit. Click the play button and follow the behavior both in choregraphe and in webots for nao.

Entirely designed and developed by aldebaran robotics, choregraphe is the programming software that lets nao users create and edit movements. Pepper and nao, robots for education sofbank robotics. Nao power v6 standard edition educational robots that. You may experience problems with graphical acceleration if you do not have appropriate drivers. Choregraphe download page educational robots that are. Make sure you have logged on as administrator or as a user with administrator privileges. However, each nao robot must use a different naoqi port. Move the real nao robot head to the position you want. Nao is your robot and the choregraphe software will help you to personalize him. X version workshop pdf, pptx common nao choregraphe d4k library cbl choregraphe project sample zip workshop 20 english version nao introduction nao present itself. With the asknao autism solution for kids apps, you can enjoy the educational content provided by erm robotique. The software package includes an advanced simulation software based on webots. Nao has 25 degrees of freedom and a humanoid shape that enable him to move and adapt to the world around him.

It is a unique combination of hardware and software in a great design. Nao says i may not be able to play the real guitar, but i can play air guitar. Make sure your nao is registered on your aldebaran community user. Nao starter pack educational robots that are smart and. Choregraphe software for nao aldebaran robotics stemfinity.

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