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I heard from another friend that this fight actually took place in a comic book. Ive been in a raging debate with a friend about who would win between superman and the hulk. In other words, if hulks manages to kill him in one blow doomsday can resurrect and be invulnerable to the amount of damage hulk dished out. Here, one only needs to look at superman, who is powerful enough to take out the avengers power hitters in thor and the hulk. Now the one thing ive noticed hulk fanboys like to bring up with superman vs.

The hulk destroys superman in unused comic book art from. The hulk is a strong being, and can give doomsday a proper fight. Who would win a battle between superman and the incredible hulk. Back in 2001, thor technically won a battle against the hulk after years of being held in stalemate. Steve waters, guardian and curator of comic book history. This is the savage green hulk, the strongest and most dangerous form the hulk could ever take, and doomsday is as powerful as he was when he first appeared in the death of superman storyline. Even thor is obsessed with who would win in a fight between. The age old question, whos stronger and whod win in a fight between the man of steel and that big green muscular man. Alot of people dont like crossovers but it is still a comic book and superman won. Here is the continuation of part 3 of superman vs hulk. Superman might start out with a few blows to test the hulks strength, making hulk very mad at the little blue man. Who do you think would win in a fight between these two characters.

Gl stands up and walks to closet door,which he proceeds to opens. This apart of the youtube series comic book vs by comic book youtube channel hybrid0027. They competed twice for good causes and, in both instances, the races ended in a tie. Who would win in a fight between hulk vs superman answers. Marvel and dc writers admit hulk can beat superman inverse. Superman is going to win the fight based on intelligence, speed, flight, and the range advantage on the heat vision, but turning it into a straight punchup is playing to all the hulk s strengths. This is going to be one of the best fights seen on this channel, so be sure to check it out.

Wonder woman and thor it is understandable why this fight has been heavily debated on who would win in a fight. Marvel has hulk and dc has superman, but who would win in a fight. Many adaptions of the character had continued to downgrade him, most specifically the mcu, but hulk really is. Who would win in an arm wrestling match, hulk or superman. When last we left our heroes superman was mightily flying hulk up into the sky. Dont worry the others are coming later but we were so excited after seeing aquaman that we had to do this first. Superman is still the faster and stronger of the two but not too fast for hulk to hit. But superman has every power ever, so logically i think superman has to win, though i would rather hulk win. Ordinarily i would call this fight for superman as eventually he would realize that hulk just gets more powerful the angrier he gets and would. You can check out the original comic art with the alternate below. Like many of their future races, the pair go up against each other for charity. I know many of us have had conversations about who would win in a fight between superheroes from marvel and dc.

The hulk has done some impossible things like grabbing pure energy as if it was solid matter and punching through dimensions and reality at a fraction of the power superman needed to do the same. However if were talking the basic hulk vs spiderman, its rude to make claims that hulk would win based on the strength of world war hulk, just as its rude to make claims spiderman has powers he. Dc also features wonder woman who possesses a similar skill set. Animator mike habjan has attempted to provide an answer, with a series of cgianimated short. Who would win in a fight between superman and the hulk. The superman titles were famous during the 1950s and 1960s for.

The superman of today could beats most incarnations of the hulk. I hear all the time, superman would just fly hulk into space. Dc series, weve decided to pit the two titans of these comic book universes. If a candidate adequately answered that question it would decide my vote pure and simple even though i know the answer. Hulk can withstand temperatures from almost zero kelvin to a blast from human torchs supernova, so heat vision would be like a gentle. Superman then intercepts him in orbit and batters him into the sun, killing hulk. The hulk has continued to prove himself overtime that hes the strongest one ever lived. Comicbook fans love to imagine who would win if their favourite. I have used many sources for information, pictures, and other means to aid my side of the debate. Though the hulk has defeated entire battalions of marvel heroes all at once, dcs justice league holds far greater firepower than marvels avengers. He on the other hand had a friend who has a ton of knowledge side with him and make a video saying why hulk. Back in 2001, thor technically won a battle against the hulk after years of.

Instead, i just want a good debate about the hulk and superman. Superman s variety of abilities wont be just hardly work on the hulk, and hulk being stronger than superman wont help the case. That being said and as much as i love the hulk superman still has a major advantage. Who would win a battle between superman and the incredible. What would happen if mcu thor, the strongest avenger, fought dceu superman the strongest justice league member. Superman took down thor in an epic fight during jlaavengers. As a man of science himself, banner experienced all sorts of scientific wonders.

Furthermore, hulk has traveled the galaxy on several occasions, exposing himself to different cultures and all sorts of new, wondrous things. While i loved hulk, i never doubted that superman could take him down if he needed to. When it comes to comic book characters, you cant get much stronger. As a superman and a hulk fan i think superman would just let the hulk win. Then he places his head inside and slams the door until the feeling leaves his legs. If you think of it, superman gets stronger every time and when he wants to. Like for instants who would win in a fight, hulk or superman. Hulk has, at regular levels, shown many direct and indirect superman level strengthfeats, which are on the rt.

I have been having an ongoing debate with one of my best buddies regarding this question. Superman would punch him 7 times but hulk punches 8 times. Can the irresistible force beat the immovable object. The avengers hulk and thor are definitely heavy hitters, with both having exceptional strength, but compared to their dc counterparts, it would be tough to see them come out with a win.

Who you think would win says a lot about you as a person by the way, lets take a close look at the opponents. The age old question, whos stronger and whod win in a fight between the man of steel and that big green muscular. If superman needs back up, then you have additional options in wonder woman and aquaman, both of whom would turn the strength portion of the battle easily on the justice leagues favor. Superman has super speed,strength,freezing and heating abilities,he can fly around the world and turn back time,and x ray vison.

Batman, meanwhile, doesnt have the requisite brain speed to react to any of this until, in an instant from his perspective, the arena turns red with blood and the hulk seemingly vanishes. Superman, ever the reasonable one, tries to talk hulk down but this only makes hulk angrier and results in stronger punches. Pak, who has written for marvels hulk, and yang, who has written a number of superman stories, eventually entered a onesided debate about the ageold comic book question. Its like comparing an elephant to an ant, youre comparing someone who has lifted a star hulk with someone. Of course, his biggest enemy has always been superman, a hero powerful enough to best him in the past. Doomsday may have more than one life to spare, but is that really going to be. Superman might start out with a few blows to test the hulk s strength, making hulk very mad at the little blue man. Thanks to hulk s heroic nature at times, hulk has gone on to witness several different scientific phenomena.

In a fight that actually allows the hulk to compete. Hes vastly stronger than superman and thats before his strength starts to increase. When it comes to the comics, there is a lot more evidence backing up thors foretold victory. Superman for a couple of causes a million superman is quicker the hulk might not ever be equipped to preserve up along with his pace two superman can variety a technique, he is not a senseless beast.

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