Nparallel citation bluebook example

Parallel citations are used when the same case is printed in two or more different reporters. Example of parallel citations legal citations research. In choosing which reporter to cite to, the bluebooks table 1. Citing case law sample bluebook citations libguides at.

The samples in this section cover basic citation format for case law. Whether you are a law student, an associate, or have been a practicing attorney for years, parallel citations in legal writing can be a mystery. The supreme court of the united states is the only federal court to officially report its cases. Consult your state courts local rules to find out whether the parallel citation is necessary. Note that if the state or court is clear from the official reporter title, omit it from the date parenthetical. The bluebook requires citation only to the official report supreme court opinions are also published in three unofficial reporters. Bluepages rule 10 recommends citing to only one reporter. Basic case citation, basic case name format, and reporter information. Legal research legal citations the parallel citation. Internet citation bluebook citation 101 practitioner. Here is an example of citation to a supreme court of nebraska case in the north western reporter 2d. The two major instances in which a parallel citation may be needed are.

Everything you wanted to know that the bluebook does not tell. The bluebook requires citation to printed material provided it is available, unless there is an authenticated, official, or exact digital copy of the printed sources. The second half of the second citation example lists the regional reporter citation as a parallel citation. Some courts and professors require you to provide parallel citations to multiple reporters. Essentially, the parallel citation is an alternate citation to the same case. The last component of a proper case citation is the parallel citation. Citing cases bluebook rules dulaneybrowne library at. Always consult the bluebook for additional information on correct citation format important. The following information regarding the bluebook citation format is an. This page will give you a basic overview on citing cases using bluebook format. In this example, the deciding court is not listed in the parenthetical information. It directs the reader to a second place where the case has been published.

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