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The point behind this deck is to get massive, hard to stop creatures out with mayael the anima s ability. It really all comes down to mayaels unique ability. Sign up, it unlocks many cool features raw download clone embed report print text 123. The sacred animas eyes are blind to all but the grandest truths. Updated apr 25, 2020 by thinguin using our mtg deck builder. Commander decklist database commander edh the game. The tcgplayer mass entry tool lets you enter an itemized list of products directly into your shopping cart. I had mayael the anima as a commander earlier, and honestly shes probably better, but a tribal angels deck should have an angel as a commander. Pt every day, you can check out the command zone for a. Shopping cart online gaming store for cards, miniatures. This deck is for those people who want beat face and have fun while doing it.

The last updated date for each list is posted next to the link in mmyy format. Keeping that experiance in mind, i doubt theyd risk reprinting storm crow anytime soon. Updated apr, 20 by jayz1483 using our mtg deck builder. So i wanted to get set up with my plan of eventually building a commander deck for each of the 3 color combinations, but i dont know which commanders are the most fun, but still able to win. Relive the events of the original theros novels and catch up with part i and part ii by jenna helland before rejoining elspeths quest anew in theros beyond death. Instead i am currently playing and loving a aggro commander deck built around mayael the anima, another one of my favourite cards. Mayael the anima is the perfect commander for the naya player who wants to pilot a deck with a little more charm than what our colors usually broadcast. Commander 20 nature of the beast, sealed product sealed. Mayael the anima deck that focuses on getting plenty of big creatures out.

It really all comes down to mayael s unique ability. Mayael the anima is an incredibly inconsistent commanderto the extent that i typically recommend against playing mayael. Can i activate mayael the animas ability after attackers are declared. Mayael can be a very difficult deck to build simply because of the deck construction limitations it comes with. Cursed eye a fiend theme that uses equip spells to employ powerful effects. Jolt commander church of athreos vs derevi empyrial. Have experimented a lot and tried to maintain the deck very quick and to have the most impactful naya bomb creatures. Choose your preferences, add to your cart, and then you can use our cart optimizer tm to further refine your cart and get exactly what youre looking for. I was playing commander with some guys from my lgs the other day and they told me her. Firstly, being able to activate her at instant speed gives us powerful options in. Infinite ignition a machine theme that uses largescale link and xyz monsters witchcraft a spellcaster theme that uses inhand spell cards to employ various effects. I already have commanders for naya mayael the anima, esper oloro, ageless ascetic, temur animar, soul of elements, mardu queen.

This deck i made by my self was used of cards i had and budget options whole thing can be. If a decklists is 5 years old but there is only one decklist for that commander, that list will be shown. Updated mar 20, 2020 by hyped1221 using our mtg deck builder. Were trying something new this year, giving you the decklists earlier than the very end of the week.

Jolt commander church of athreos vs derevi empyrial tactician. Updated sep 02, 2017 by asakura69 using our mtg deck builder. This is my take on mayael, which is more or less pretty standard of what youll find on. Special thanks to nicol bolas january 2009 october 2009, kingchewie october 2009 august 2012 and dm225 august 2012 july 20 for all of their work in maintaining version 1, 2 and 3 of this database. Firstly, being able to activate her at instant speed gives us powerful options in the sequencing of our plays. Commander 20 nature of the beast card price from sealed product sealed for magic. Timmy here, this is my star child edh deck that i am looking to make a bit more competitive. Magic the gathering, magic cards, singles, decks, card lists, deck ideas, wizard of the coast, all of the cards you need at great prices are available at cardkingdom. Select the folder that you put the downloaded files into in step 3. Mayael the anima edh commander edh mtg deck tappedout. Mayael the anima v04 commander edh mtg deck tappedout.

Updated apr 11, 2020 by kodiak17 using our mtg deck builder. For every commander the following decklists are shown. Updated apr 21, 2019 by mattzim666 using our mtg deck builder. Also to see how hardeasy it is to assemble combo pieces and to see if i face unwanted interactions i havent thought of.

Updated may 23, 2020 by shaydaio using our mtg deck builder. I love the storyline and flavor of alara block and the plane of alara so much that i. I usually play first 58 turns to see how my mana ramp and mana curve works. Elemental bond is better than colossal majesty if an only if you can reliably produce tokens, which doesnt look to be what youre really trying to do most turns. Im pretty sure wizards has learnt their lesson last time when they printed jace, the mind sculptor. Mayael edh primer commander edh mtg deck tappedout. Download and convert video for free on jolt commander church of athreos vs derevi empyrial tactician download from youtube for free. If you find your deck barely playing creatures, and very low noncreature permanent. The point behind this deck is to get massive, hard to stop creatures out with mayael the. I would like to quickly acknowledge the primer by tappedout user maelstromhobo, whose calculations are referenced here, and whose ideas have inspired some of my card choices. The 10 youngest decklists for every commander are shown.

Edhcommander general archived content from 4chans tg traditional games. The point behind this deck is to get massive, hard to stop creatures out with mayael the animas ability. The knowledge pool mayael the anima war update mtg tonight mayael edh eric landes mtg muddstah. Ive been trying to make it as competitive as a naya, noncomboy deck could be. Aug 25, 2012 i also filter some of the older lists to reduce the size of the database. Tusker 1 krosan warchief 1 magus of the arena 1 mayael the anima 1 mold shambler 1.

Robs mayael the anima cmdr deck edh commander magic. Change view to custom categories for a better breakdown. Updated may 20, 2020 by royalxiii using our mtg deck builder. The story of theros and elspeths heroic journey began here. Updated mar 21, 2018 by shelbro using our mtg deck builder. Mayael has been a longtime project for me, and is perhaps my most beloved commander, and i want to take you through the processes that have lead me to my current decklist.

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