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How to set up the best hotkeys for you pro dota 2 guides. First steap download file here download open read me first. Posted in rdota2 by ulawlietreddits 641 points and 182 comments. Most importantly, the hotkeys and the binds used by n0tail himself to achieve perfect micro skills. Dota macros dota 2 scripts autohotkey autohotkey community. If you want to change the hotkey macro, you simply open meepo. N0tail dota 2, salah satu pemain meepo terbaik dunia. How to use macro script meepo how to use macro script meepo. Arc or tempest double and binds the rest to a specific hotkey. Just got done playing meepo, one of my favorites for dota 1, and he was not nearly as fun to play as dota 1. The video guide walks us through almost every intricacy that the hero presents.

Johan n0tail sundstein is a danish professional dota 2 player who is currently the captain of og and the coach of og seed. Im looking to play meepo, but im not sure how to set up my macro keys on my keyboard d. Please express your opinions, ideas, thoughts and show off your personal code. Tutorial macro script hero meepo auto poof di dota 2 reborn it reborn kembali lagi guys, kali ini saya akan membagikan tutorial penggunaan macro auto poof meepo, meepo merupakan hero clone yang sangat susah di control bagi pemula, karena jika salah satu clone meepo. N0tail has been inducted in the forbes 30 under 30 list in. Meepo s defining ultimate, divided we stand, allows meepo to create up to 3 additional clones of himself, 4 with aghanims scepter, each of which has its own mana and hit points, as well as individual. Cat software planing to releases a hot key for meepo only include the meepo hotkey auto poff and net. Nantikan berita games terbaru lainnya hanya di kabar games. Meepo dagger script dota2 posted in gaming questions. An player with this auto cast, almost never will be. A ti winner, one of the most loved dota 2 personalities, one of the best micro players, one of the best dota 2 streamers, a flower, a rainbow and a true living legend n0tail was inducted into the forbes 30 under 30 in gaming and he more than deserved it.

Meepo the geomancer is a melee agility hero who is notorious for being one of the hardest carries in the game to play effectively due to his heavy reliance on micromanagement. N0tail support meepo highlights dreamleague season one na. Meepo is a hero that can only be mastered with a lot of time and patience, but i hope this guide has been helpful andor sparked some interest in playing him. The bot just implements the mouse clickskey strokes it would take to summon all your meepo s. If there is not a way then we need to make one because the only way to switch from meepo to meepo was clicking on the portraits but then the. To the confused dowload on tusfile can download from dropbox link. Macro script dota 2 auto poof all poof hanya 1 hotkey.

Arcs and tempest doubles necro book can not be pernamently assigned to different hotkeys. Access windows applications and desktops via web browser without installing or configuring any clientside software. The game is from dreamleague season 1 and has been casted by draskyl and luminous. Thus, it is not trivial to send both necro books on different camps relatively quickly. Kemudian monkey business berganti nama menjadi og bersama sama dengan fly, resolut1on, s4, dan jerax. Im moving around heros, trying new ones and learning about them so i can counter them in game and know what to watch for. Microing meepo with hotkeys how to play dota 2 pvgna. First, sorry for my english recently i heard about the possibility of creating scripts for dota2 and at same time, i see that some players are using this scripts to play in a unfair mode. How to play safelane meepo n0tail dota2watch this website is not affiliated with or endorsed by valve corporation dota2watch. Here is my much requested meepo script that takes advantage of being able to progress with you in game as you gain. General discussion hotkey configs for meepo players.

The creater of the the hack claims it to be 100% unbannable. Thinfinity remote desktop allows users to securely access computers from any device with an html5 browser. Dotakeys shares, presents and promotes autohotkey scripts for the game dota. It was during this transition he quickly developed his micromanagement skills, leading to his renowned meepo play. N0tail dikenal sebagai seorang pemain midlaner yang sangat handal, saat ia pindah ke dota 2, ia bermain dengan role support dengan spesialisasi meepo, the geomancer. This is the most up to date of my hotkeys and settings for meepo and dota 2 in general. So, guys while downloading autohotkey i made a script for meepo and converted it to executable. I play meepo a bit too and experimented a lot with hotkey and the way n0tail uses them is the way to go. The scripts can be used to automatic cast an item with no delay, like, hex, eul, vyse, etc as soon as enemy get inside the range. This video covers the methods and theory behind creating an optimal hotkey set up so that you can avoid mechanical errors and combo skills. After the switch to dota 2, johan took on the support role, becoming well known for his performances. Meepo, the geomancer, is a melee agility hero who is notorious for being one of the most difficult carries in the game to play effectively due to his heavy reliance on micromanagement.

Now there are two files, one says macros with t and one says macros with mouse4, basically for 1st the hotkey you need to press for macros is t, and for second macro the key is mouse4 which is basically the back key on your mouse. Johan was one of the youngest competitive heroes of newerth players in the world, where he played the solo mid role. Y select my main hero coming from league, this was embedded into my brain 16 my items t select all units qr abilities i have 12 macro keys and can program any. The first one makes all the meepos to instantly perform a poof to the direction of the cursor. Reason being there is not way to scroll through selected units. Dota 2 advanced meepo script w gameplay and download. Lizzard is back with an explanation of the hotkeys and control groups to perfectly micro your meepos. All trademarks and gameplay appearing on the site are the property of their respective owners.

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